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No Blow Out Policy

AYSO Region 1099 Policies for Balanced Teams on the Field at Every Game

One of AYSO’s six core philosophies is “Balanced Teams.” Our region works hard to create balanced teams at the beginning of each season, but there are times when teams on the field are mismatched for whatever reason. These regional policies were created to help level the playing field when those imbalances inevitably occur. The goal for our region is for EVERY player to have a positive experience at EVERY regular season AYSO game, win or lose.

No individual player in 8U or 10U may score more than 3 goals in a game unless their team is losing, in which case they can score until the game score is tied.

This is not meant to “punish” our talented players! Talented players who can easily score in their age division will be encouraged by the coach to challenge themselves by only shooting with the opposite foot, passing to other players, playing a different position such as goalie, etc. This allows the more skilled player to continue to improve while keeping the game within reach for the other players.

2. Games with a point spread of 5 or more points are considered “blowouts,” and coaches in all divisions are expected to take steps to prevent them, such as requiring teams to pass a certain number of times before scoring, requiring a one-touch goal shot, allowing only certain players to make the score, etc. In 8U and 10U, if the point spread goes to five, the winning team will play one player short until the spread is reduced for four.

Again, this is not to punish a talented team or humiliate a struggling team, but to allow all players to develop their skills while keeping the game fun and within reach. Remember, blowouts are bound to happen despite everyone’s best efforts. If your child experiences a blowout game, use it as a learning experience and know that AYSO will work with the coaches to try to prevent future blow-outs.

3. During regular season play, if a team is short players, they may borrow players from their opponent until the two teams are even on the field. The borrowed players will be rotated each quarter. The short team may not borrow players from other teams in the division or players outside AYSO.  They may choose not to borrow players and to play short instead if they desire.

Please prepare your child for the likelihood of helping out an opposing team during the season. Again, remember the point of AYSO games is for kids to play soccer and for everyone to learn and have fun. Standings do not matter during the regular season, so don’t get preoccupied with the score.

4. These are regional policies, not part of the Laws of the Game, and therefore it is not the referees job to enforce these policies.

Referees will remind coaches of the policy, notify coaches when a player has scored three goals or when the goal differential reaches five goals, allow the coach to take steps to control the score such as pulling a player or borrowing a player from the other team, and note on the game card any action or inaction taken by the coach to control a runaway score. It is up to coaches to follow these policies on the field and the regional board to make sure these policies are enforced.

5. Coaches and parents are requested to follow both the letter and the spirit of these policies, recognizing that AYSO’s mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO’s Six Philosophies: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.

We realize that these policies are unconventional in the soccer world and welcome your feedback at board meetings, in private or by e-mail to [email protected]. However, we ask for your support of these policies in front of the kids. The children will follow our lead and naysaying by parents and coaches creates confusion and unhappiness in our young players. Again, the goal of AYSO is for all players, regardless of ability, to play as much soccer as possible, learn, and have fun, and that is the intention of these policies.

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