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Player Development Initiatives - Summary of Rule Changes for 10U

Just a reminder that we will be implementing the "build-out line" and associated new rules in 10U starting this season. We will need the Coaches' help in educating players and parents about the new rules for 10U play.  Please see this linked PDI Presentation that was prepared for AYSO Section 2 referees to describe the build-out line and application.  This may help you and your team.  Note that locally we have adopted a difference between our play and the presentation regarding goal kicks. 

Here is a short summary of the US Soccer Player Development Initiative changes to rules of play for 10U, and a few things the HMB referees discussed specifically at their meeting as to how to apply and enforce the new rules:

1) Goalkeepers may not punt or kick the ball after a save. They must throw or roll the ball in to distribute it. If the Goalkeeper punts or kicks the ball, the referee is to award an Indirect Free Kick to the opponent at the point of the punt or kick. If it is in the Goal Area, the kick is taken from the goal area line at the point nearest the infraction. NOTE: Referees discussed that in the first two weeks of the season only, they MAY choose to remind/warn the goalkeeper, and allow them one chance to re-take an attempt to distribute the ball, while everyone is getting used to this rule. This is at the discretion of the referee. (12U will likely not be given this leeway, though the referee may still choose to verbally remind a GK who seems to be preparing to kick in violation of the new rule.)

2) Goal Kicks: IN OUR REGION ONLY, goal kicks may be taken from the top of the penalty area (larger box). Please note that if your team advances to the area tournament, goal kicks will need to be taken from the goal area.

3) Free Kicks: Direct Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks may be awarded! Last year, we tested a rule to make all free kicks Indirect for 10U, eliminating direct free kicks and penalty kicks. This season, in conjunction with other rule changes, we are returning to the original and official rules, allowing the referee to award Direct Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks. Direct Free Kicks may be awarded for fouls and violations per FIFA rules. A direct free kick violation (e.g. deliberate handling) clearly inside the defending team's own penalty area will result in a Penalty Kick.

4) The Build Out Line:

a) The line is to be halfway between the top of the penalty area and the halfway-line on the field. In our region, we will use extra corner flags to mark the ends of the build-out line, as these are easy to see. We will not place cones or markers on the field of play. We don't have quite enough yet, so we may also need to use tall cones while ordering more corner flags. The build-out line only impacts three situations: Offside, Goal kicks, and GK in possession of the ball (saves).

b) No attacking player can be off-side until they cross the build-out line 

c) After a goalkeeper save, the opponents must retreat behind the buildout line. The goalkeeper may choose to start play without waiting for the opponents to retreat, but he may also choose to hold the ball without a time limit until all opponents have retreated to the build-out line. The goalkeeper must start play by legally distributing the ball to a teammate on the GK's own side of the build-out line.

d) When taking a goal kick, the kicker may also wait until all opponents are behind the build-out line before kicking. The kick should also be a pass to a teammate on the same side of the build-out line. 

e) Opponents may come past the build-out line and attack as soon as the ball is released by the GK, or kicked from a goal kick situation.

f) Violations of the build-out line will result in a verbal warning by the referee. There are no free kicks awarded. However, repeatedly ignoring the referee instructions may be penalized as dissent or unsporting conduct. Coaches who teach players to deliberately violate the build-out line will be addressed administratively the same way as in any other situation where a volunteer is deliberately violating AYSO policies or philosophies.

There is a lot more detail is in the presentation attached if you have any questions. You may also ask your referee at the game or email Jasper Anscombe or Alasdair Mackintosh, our local Referee Administrators.

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